OpenSatKit core Flight System (cFS) starter kit

Beta 2.0 Released

This release does not contain a lot of new functionality however the main screen's tabs and flow of the tool has dramatically changed which is why it's a major release. It's a beta release because I haven't finished all of the documentation and tutorials but I didn't want to hold up the release. OSK was originally intended as a cFS training tool. However, it missed this goal. It provided a lot of functionality and features but it failed to introduce the cFS in a manner that explained how to use the cFS for a mission. There's also a growing need for an application development kit and a cFS deployment kit. These realizations are based on some great feedback that is greatly appreciated.

Release notes for Beta Version 2.0:


  • Created a reference Simple Sat (SimSat) spacecraft to provide context for how the cFS can meet a mission's objectives.
  • Changed the 'tab flow' to (1)Explore cFS/SimSat, (2)Manage Apps, and (3)Extend OSK.
  • As part of the flow change documentation, demos, and tutorials are launched in context-specific screens.
  • Added a 'hello world' sample app template that matches the 'QQ' app example in the cFE App Developers Guide. This is much more complete than the 'sample app'.

OSK roadmap...

  • Continue to improve the documentation: Complete User's Guide. Improve self-guided training modules with exercises.
  • Complete CFDP testing and use as the primary file transfer protocol.
  • Enhance the Manage App tab to include browsing and adding apps from a library and creating an app plugin model.
  • Integrate cFE 6.7 and start to improve the unit test infrastructure. cFE 6.6 still has some known unit test deficiencies.

See also the OSK GitHub Wiki and the Installation Instructions.