OpenSatKit core Flight System (cFS) starter kit

3.2 Release

Version 3.2 completes the integration of the pi-sat target with OSK's COSMOS.

  • Created a COSMOS-to-Pi interface that allows the Pi-Sat GPIO demo app to be run from COSMOS over a WiFi connection.
  • Released v1.1 of the Raspberry Pi Target that includes pictrl, a python program used to control the COSMOS-PiSat interface.
  • Updated Pi-Sat Quick Start Guide with instructions that fully describe how to configure and run a remote Pi-Sat target.
  • Continued updates to the Mission FSW Quick Start Guide.

Near term roadmap...

cFS Education
  • Create YouTube videos that step users through the osk_c_demo app development tutorial added in OSK v3.1.
Mission FSW
  • Continue to update Quick Start guide to make it more like a mission FSW workbook.
  • Create an Autonomy app group demo and corresponding YouTube video.
Raspberry Pi-Sat
  • Create YouTube videos that step users through installing and configuring a remote Pi-Sat target.

Refer to the OSK GitHub Wiki for a brief OSK overview and installation instructions.