OpenSatKit core Flight System (cFS) starter kit

3.1 Release

Version 3.1 has some significant additions that expand on v3.0’s refactoring into four user workflows.

  • Added a new app osk_c_demo to the Research and Development Sandbox target. This app illustrates many features of the OSK C Application Framework (osk_c_fw) and it serves as the end goal of a new application development tutorial.
  • Added an application development tutorial to the cFS Education cfsat target. The tutorial steps the user from a Hello World app to the fully featured osk_c_demo app.
  • Released v1.0 of the Raspberry Pi Target. This target can be installed on a Raspberry Pi and includes a sample app that blinks an LED connected to the Pi’s GPIO.
  • Made significant updates to the OSK Quick Start and the cFS Education Quick Start Guides.

Near term roadmap...

Mission FSW
  • Update Quick Start guide to make it more like a mission FSW workbook.
  • Create an Autonomy app group demo and corresponding YouTube video.
Raspberry Pi-Sat
  • Create a COSMOS-to-Pi interface that allows the GPIO demo app to be run from COSMOS over a WiFi connection to the Pi.

Refer to the OSK GitHub Wiki for a brief OSK overview and installation instructions.