OpenSatKit core Flight System (cFS) starter kit

3.0 Release

In version 3.0 OSK’s main screen was refactored to support the following four user workflows:

  1. cFS-based mission FSW development
  2. cFS FSW education
  3. cFS Raspberry Pi with COSMOS control
  4. Research and development
There was not a significant change in content, but it has been tagged as a major release because of the structural change. The biggest content changes are a separate cFS target is built for each workflow and the creation of quick starts guides for each workflow. The Raspberry Pi Target is maintained in a separate repo from OSK. The quick start guides are in draft form and will be updated in the next release. The OSK Introductory Guide provides more detail on the targets. The first three targets only contain apps that support the target’s user workflow. The R&D target contains any apps that may be a of use to the cFS community. Having a separate R&D target allows the apps to be maintained without cluttering another target.

Near term roadmap...

Mission FSW
  • Update Quick Start guide
  • Create an Autonomy app group demo and overview YouTube video
cFS Education
  • Create a draft code-as-you-go (CAYG) app hands on training material
Raspberry Pi-Sat
  • Create initial cFS Raspberry Pi repo with installation instructions
  • Create COSMOS-to-Pi interface and configuration instructions
  • Create OSK C Framework demo app that will serve as the end goal of the CAYG exercise

See the OSK GitHub Wiki for installation instructions.