OpenSatKit core Flight System (cFS) starter kit

2.2 Released

Release notes for version 2.2: Added a C++ application framework and a demo C++ application that uses the framework. I would like to stress that these are design examples. They do not have unit tests and they have only been compiled and run on Ubuntu 18.04/GCC 7.5.0. I’ve still been tinkering with JSON parsers and I added a Rapid... Read more

2.1 Released

Release notes for version 2.1: The primary change was upgrading from cFE 6.5.0 to 6.7.1. cFE 6.7.1 is not 100% percent backwards compatible and the cFS apps have not been been updated. I ran into a issues with some cFS apps as well as OSK apps. I've documented the update process below as an aide for anyone doing a cFE 6.7.1 upgrade. Th... Read more

2.0 Released

Decided to tag version 2.0 since the main page's Learn OpenSatKit, Learn cFS, and Example Scripts are in pretty good shape. Additional documents, tutorials, and demos are still needed to complete the Explore cFS/SimSat page. Highlights since the beta release: The Learn cFS drop down menu contains a large set of training slides and some ex... Read more

Beta 2.0 Released

This release does not contain a lot of new functionality however the main screen's tabs and flow of the tool has dramatically changed which is why it's a major release. It's a beta release because I haven't finished all of the documentation and tutorials but I didn't want to hold up the release. OSK was originally intended as a cFS training to... Read more

Versions 1.7 Released

There are very few functional changes in this release but there are multiple on going "under the hood" changes that will impact future releases and create a better application development and integration environment. I've also been improving the online documentation and added community catalogs. Release notes for Versions 1.7: Highlights: ... Read more