OpenSatKit core Flight System (cFS) starter kit

2.7 Release

Version 2.7 continues to mature OSK along the following main tracks: Community App Demos and Videos Added a YouTube video for the Housekeeping App and added a demo_hk_feature .rb script to the SimSat target procedures. Presented at the FSW Workshop hosted by Johns Hopkins APL who did a fantastic job. The website provide... Read more

2.6 Release

Version 2.6 matures OSK in three areas that will continue for the next few builds: Community App Demos and Videos Created YouTube videos for Community App Ops Intro and File Manager App. Added FM demo scripts in the FM target procedures directory. Verification and Ops Scripts Enhanced the genera... Read more

2.5 Released

Most of the changes in Version 2.5 were driven by the creation of the Data-File Management App Introductory YouTube video. OSK v2.3 release notes describe OSK’s evolutionary path with the creation of training videos. v2.5 highlights include: Adding NASA’s CCSDS File Delivery Protocol (CFDP) app. This also required adding Visiona Space Te... Read more

2.4 Released

The main purpose of this release is to upgrade to the latest 42 simulator version called “2042”. 42 version numbers are defined in 42/Docs/Revision.txt. The previous 42 simulator used with OSK v2.3 and earlier predates when 42 was released without version numbers so it’s not surprising that significant changes have been made to 42 since the la... Read more

2.3 Released

Many of the changes in Version 2.3 were driven by the creation of the Runtime Environment App YouTube tutorial video. The initial OSK was developed with just enough features to create a complete ground, flight and simulator system that would help people use the cFS in a system environment. OSK has reached a second phase of development where th... Read more