OpenSatKit core Flight System (cFS) starter kit

2.4 Released

The main purpose of this release is to upgrade to the latest 42 simulator version called “2042”. 42 version numbers are defined in 42/Docs/Revision.txt. The previous 42 simulator used with OSK v2.3 and earlier predates when 42 was released without version numbers so it’s not surprising that significant changes have been made to 42 since the la... Read more

2.3 Released

Many of the changes in Version 2.3 were driven by the creation of the Runtime Environment App YouTube tutorial video. The initial OSK was developed with just enough features to create a complete ground, flight and simulator system that would help people use the cFS in a system environment. OSK has reached a second phase of development where th... Read more

2.2 Released

Release notes for version 2.2: Added a C++ application framework and a demo C++ application that uses the framework. I would like to stress that these are design examples. They do not have unit tests and they have only been compiled and run on Ubuntu 18.04/GCC 7.5.0. I’ve still been tinkering with JSON parsers and I added a Rapid... Read more

2.1 Released

Release notes for version 2.1: The primary change was upgrading from cFE 6.5.0 to 6.7.1. cFE 6.7.1 is not 100% percent backwards compatible and the cFS apps have not been been updated. I ran into a issues with some cFS apps as well as OSK apps. I've documented the update process below as an aide for anyone doing a cFE 6.7.1 upgrade. Th... Read more

2.0 Released

Decided to tag version 2.0 since the main page's Learn OpenSatKit, Learn cFS, and Example Scripts are in pretty good shape. Additional documents, tutorials, and demos are still needed to complete the Explore cFS/SimSat page. Highlights since the beta release: The Learn cFS drop down menu contains a large set of training slides and some ex... Read more