Install SatKit VM

  • download SatKit.ova
  • in VirtualBox Manager, open File / Import Appliance and select SatKit.ova
  • import

Option 2: From Scratch

Setup Ubuntu vm

  • new virtual box from Ubuntu 16.04 iso
  • vm name: kit-machine
  • user: cfsuser
  • password: cfs
  • 3rd party software: yes
  • update during install: yes

Share kit files

On host:
  • create new folder Shared
  • place in Shared
  • in VirtualBox Manager: Settings / Shared Folders, add Shared
On vm:
  • install VirtualBox guest additions
    • open VirtualBox menu (right-ctrl + home on Windows)
    • Devices / Insert Guest Additions CD image
    • run
mkdir ~/temp/
sudo mount -t vboxsf Shared ~/temp/
cd ~/temp/
unzip ~/temp/

Setup kit directory

mkdir ~/satKit/
cp -r ~/temp/cfs\ kit\ 5-31-17-without-logs/* ~/satKit/

Install dependencies

sudo apt install cmake curl default-jre gcc-multilib xfce4-terminal  

Build CFS

cd ~/satKit/cfs/

make distclean
make prep
make install

# testing:
sudo ./build/exe/cpu1/core-cpu1

cp apps/kit_sch/fsw/tables/* build/exe/cpu1/cf/
cp apps/kit_to/fsw/tables/kit_to_pkttbl.xml build/exe/cpu1/cf/

Install COSMOS

cd ~/satKit/cosmos/
bash <(\curl -sSL
# install dependencies: sudo
# install ruby 2.2.6 with rbenv: yes
# install and run cosmos demo: no

exec $SHELL

gem install bundler
bundle install

Start SatKit

ruby ~/satKit/cosmos/Launcher